Exempia is dedicated to perfection, and regular updates are only a part of what we do to keep the player entertained. Exempia is a server to be enjoyed. Play with your friends in a safe and friendly environment, and meet new friends at the same time. Our active staff team will ensure you have the best experience possible whilst playing Exempia.

Donating to EXEMPIA
Exempia requires donations to stay up and running.
Donations are required to make Exempia grow to its full potential, and you can help us. As a reward for donating, you can select a reward below.
After donating, type ::donated in the chatbox to receive your reward.

Please donate and redeem one item at a time otherwise your donation may not be successful.

Image Regular Donator £6.50
Image Supreme Donator £8.50
Image Elite Donator £11.50
Image Full Torva Armour Set £6.00
Image Primal Weapon Set £5.00
Image Primal Armour Set £4.00
Image Full Pernix Armour Set £6.00
Image Full Virtus Armour Set £6.00
Image Partyhat Set £6.00
Image H'ween Mask Set £6.00
Image White Partyhat £2.00
Image Green Partyhat £2.00
Image Blue Partyhat £2.00
Image Purple Partyhat £2.00
Image Yellow Partyhat £2.00
Image Red Partyhat £2.00
Image Exempian Armour Set £9.00
Image Polypore Staff £4.00
Image Dragonbone Melee Set £8.00
Image Dragonbone Mage Set £8.00
Image Chaotic Weapon Set £8.00
Image Chaotic Rapier £3.00
Image Chaotic Longsword £3.00
Image Chaotic Maul £3.00
Image Chaotic Staff £3.00
Image Chaotic Crossbow £3.00
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